Formed in 2018 in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, Candy Coffins have been called post punk new romantics. And yes, this description is absolutely accurate for this quintet, which claims our attention with a new album, “Once Do It With Feeling”. Because this new album stands as an evocative collection of superb post punk songs, which speak to our heart and lead to emotions. We listen to the album and we smile, we cry, we feel. With a modern approach, a fresh attitude and a post punk sound, this disc will touch you immediately. Even if you are not a post punk fan, you will interact with these super-sensitive songs. The somber, melancholic music of Candy Coffins doesn’t create a dark atmosphere, but helps you see things with a positive eye. As Candy Coffins are delivering the goods, you will feel like steeping in exhilaration. The lush instrumentation, the hooky song ideas, the complex structures are some trademarks of this Candy Coffins album, which sticks to our memory and never stops giving us things … We just have to give this exquisite work of post punk art some time, so that it shows all its beauties. It is a matter of time to love this album and every second of it! “Every Day A Fresh Atrocity”, “Seaside Girls”, “Another Kiss” and “Peel Off The Stars” are some examples of the smart songwriting skills of this great band. Give this album a chance and you won’t regret it, my friends. And excuse me, I am pushing again the button, to listen again this small gem.

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos