Rob Munk is an American indie rocker, who is releasing now his new album, called “Phased Out”. I wasn’t aware of Munk and his music, so “Phased Out” was a small revelation for me, since it is a nice album with excellent songs! Stylistically, Munk mixes rock with pop music, adding many elements from other music genres, such as new wave, punk, psychedelia and many more. What we get is a collection of exquisite songs, which will surely keep you good company. You see, Munk knows how to compose good, hooky songs, which are based on beautiful melodies, catchy refrains and brilliant guitar work. He sings with his mellow voice and sends shivers down our spine. “Phased Out” is an album, which will grow in you and will gift you some very nice, memorable moments, starting from the opener “Heavy Shoes (To Kill The Blues)” to the epilogue of “Amazon”. Of course, Munk isn’t reinventing indie rock, however, his astonishing songwriting and musicianship will take you by surprise! All the songs of this album have things to say, there are no fillers here, but only interesting, mid-tempo, laid-back tracks. We all have to trust Rob Munk and his amazing taste in music – he has created for us an incredible music world in “Phased Out”, which shall be our sanctuary from now on! The songs of this album strongly prove that inspiration and vision are what matters in music. And Rob Munk’s “Phased Out” has all these ingredients!

♦ 8/10

Dimitris Zacharopoulos