Perfect Mess has released a new single, the song "Breathe", via Spider Music and has posted online the song's lyric video. Right below you can read the press release of Spider Music and enjoy the lyric video!

Some people do not want a mess in their lives. At Spider, we do. In fact, we prefer a Perfect Mess! Together now for a decade and sourced from talented musicians who earned their chops in the underground music scene in Greece, Spider will soon release the latest album from this phenomenal high energy rock band breaking back onto the scene. We tease you here: listen to this preview song, “Breathe — Perfect Mess” distinct blend of classic rock, grunge, and alternative metal with a hint of fusion/funk will be obvious. You’re hooked immediately with the opening guitar riffs, your carried into the song with build-up of drums and base, and then the haunting lyrics Breathe a brilliantly relevant — and contagious — post-pandemic song. 

Allow yourself to Breathe with them here and get ready for Spider Music to “spread” Perfect Mess again across Europe and the world!


“My World On Fire” is the new single by Electrified and it is accompanied by an official music video, which can be seen below.

Electrified started as a German-Greek project, whose music ranges from melodic rock to hard rock. The band was founded in winter 2020 by guitarists Constantine Markou and Anthimos Manti. After the songs were recorded as demos, singer Felipe Del Valle was the greatest choice for these songs. The core factor in Electrified is the melodic "radio" hit songs, so the secret of the band is the combination of hard rock music and "radio" keyboard melodies with catchy vocal lines. All the songs on “My World On Fire” had already started as ideas and demos during the covid-19 quarantine, Anthimos and Constantine were the ones responsible for the creation of the music. Mainly the music came first and the lyrics later. Ιn some songs the keyboards was the main ingredient of the music.The recordings took place from November 2020 to February 2021 and the album was mixed and mastered during July 2021 at Valve Studio in Thessaloniki, Greece. Some songs continued to be worked on, for the second album. The album was released by Valve Studio Records.


Project Renegade has released a new single, the second off their upcoming album. It is called "Bloodwitch", it comes from the "Ultra Terra" album, it was released on June 10th, 2022 and was mixed and mastered by Forrester Savell. 

The band comments:  "Bloodwitch" is a song that found its birth in our artistic need to give form and substance to that special hidden part in our psyche. The song represents the aftermath of a person’s character when the latter has been relegated to nothing for too long. It's the result of countless years of abuse and it’s that part of yourself that takes over for you in order to survive. An antihero that unleashes when you are at your lowest point. It signifies that primal inner strength born out of angst, necessity and drive. It’s that necessary evil with a mission, waiting to be freed and take over every obstacle in its way…Are you ready to unleash your inner "Bloodwitch?"




Veritas has released a new lyric video for the song "Say Goodbye", off the “Threads of Fatality” album.

In 2012, Greg Wenk started looking for members and chose the name Veritas, which means truth. After some changes, the current line-up of the band is Denny Anthony (vocals), Greg Wenk (guitar), Geno Alberico (bass) and Mark Zonder (drums). On March 2020, Veritas signed a deal with Amplified for worldwide distribution of their first full length cd in physical and digital formats. The cd has fourteen tracks, was mixed by Daryl Bolicek at Wild Horse Recording in Minnesota and mastered by Thomas Juth at Svenska Grammofon Studion in Sweden. The cd (“Threads of Fatality”) was released on August 28th, 2020 worldwide and has already received great reviews from Germany, Sweden, USA, Poland, Greece etc. 

"Threads of Fatality” track listing:

1. Prelude to the Sacrament 

2. Frail 

3. Love and Burn 

4. Far Away 

5. Morbid Stale 

6. Fate's Warning 

7. Say Goodbye 

8. Moments of the Day 

9. Starlight 

10. Eyes of the Blind 

11. Dying to Live 

12. Sludge 

13. Masquerade 

14. If It's Over