Chicago-based Evidence of a Struggle presents 'Alan's Song', an intense slice of alternative / post-rock. This is the edge - it is the sound of fear, beauty and hubris. This is the sound of a beautifully crumbling grand distraction.

This new offering follows the debut single 'Do'Oa', which entailed a wonderful fusion of sounds recalling the works of Tortoise and 4AD artist Dif Juz. Cinematic, moody and invigorating, both tracks preview the forthcoming 13-track eponymous album, to be released on June 9.

The two videos for both tracks are the first chapters of a six-chapter story-book, so to speak, created by Chicago artist John Airo, who has been involved with this project since the outset - creating videos, album covers and accompanying visuals for live performances.

Surrounding the musings of multi-instrumentalist William P C Simmons V a.k.a. Rev. Billy Simmons, Evidence of a Struggle is an evolving group of artists and musicians whose sonic creations may lead you to the center of the darkness or just might unfurl the universe before you with lush, cinematic, beautiful, and sometimes chaotic compositions.

"Alan's song is some cinematic Ridley Scott rabbit hole. These songs generally start as observations or reflections on something going on in the world or in my life that affects us somehow. A friend Alan and I were talking about the state of affairs in our world, here in Chicago, family, etc. There has always been so much, too much to put into words. Something about our hubris, chaos, fear, love, hate and distraction," says Rev. Billy.

"Alan's song sounds like some of this ebb and flow, rising and falling. It's somewhere right about to fall off the edge, but somehow floating above the chaos."

Evidence of a Struggle began in 2020 during lockdowns. This ambitious effort sees Rev. Billy play every instrument – guitar, drums, piano, synth and violin - recorded and engineered from his home studio, The Glue Factory. With Covid restrictions lifted, he began working with Sanford Parker (Voivod, Russian Circles, Yob, Eyehategod, Wovenhand, Darkthrone, Youth Code, Pelican), who helped produce and record the final versions of the songs for this record, as well as mastering.

Shaped by a wealth of records inherited from his older sisters and their boyfriends, coupled with a childhood of playing piano and clarinet until his first guitar acquisition at 16, Rev. Billy was quick to start playing with touring bands. After honing his craft and gaining invaluable experience, he elected to study music performance and guitar at Wichita State University, coupled with two and three-dimensional arts and silversmithing.

Noticed for his unique style and songcrafting, various musicians and labels began to notice Rev. Billy's talent, and he ultimately had to choose between university and music. Beginning with RCA recording artist Ké, Simmons also wrote songs and played guitar for other artists on major record labels like RCA, Touch and Go, BMG and Universal.

In 2023, Matt Walker (of1000faces, Smashing Pumpkins, Morrissey, Garbage, Filter) became involved in this project, playing drums and helping with production with Matt's brother Solomon Walker (Morrissey, Bryan Adams, Eastern Shadows, Year of the Rabbit) and Alan Berliant (Chris Connelly, Mavis Staples, Saint Asonia) also contributing bass.
Apart from music, Rev. Billy also owns Rev. Billy's Chop Shop, known for high-quality haircuts, friendly, welcoming atmosphere and its inclusive, creative space. Hosting new artists' work bimonthly, Chicago Reader declared this to be the city's best gallery in 2019. A staple in the Chicago community, Rev. Billy's Chop Shop is as strong a passion as his music.

As of April 25, 'Alan's Song' is available via SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp, where the full 'Evidence of a Struggle' album (out June 9) can already be pre-ordered.


UK-France duo The Noise Who Runs present their ‘Preteretrospective’ album, a 14-track offering sprung from the mind of Ian Pickering (of Sneaker Pimps and Front Line Assembly). Featuring songs from their first two EPs - curated and set in a more far-reaching context - along with six new, previously unreleased tracks.

Ian Pickering (co-author of such hits as 'Spin Spin Sugar', '6 Underground' and 'Tesko Suicide') wrote this material simultaneously to material for the latest Sneaker Pimps album. Formed four years ago upon relocating from Hartlepool, England to Lille, France, The Noise Who Runs is now a duo with Brazilian-French guitarist Felipe Goes.

A literal translation of ‘O bruit qui cour’, a French phrase meaning ‘gossip’, The Noise Who Runs was also the name of Pickering’s favourite restaurant, where the ideas for this project fell into place.

The Noise Who Runs' is rooted in the shared principles and approach to making music of punk/new wave and early hip-hop - both the mentality and the message. This brand of indie-electronic rock is heavily shaped by the 1970's experimental electronic scene in Sheffield, the 1990's guitar-house mix of the Manchester scene, Primal Scream's guitar-electronic sound after 1997’s 'Vanishing Point', and 2000’s XTRMNTR.

Earlier, the duo released lead tracks 'Beautiful Perhaps' and the highly cynical 'Takes a Long Cold Look and Then The Kitchen Sink' - the illegitimate child of solo album-era Syd Barrett and post-Talking Heads David Byrne and '2poor2die', which is at once, a celebration of ordinary bravery in the face of the daily grind of routine and a condemnation of the eternal ideology that sees working people as disposable.

TNWR drifts effortlessly between analogue and digital, from instrument to instrument and between genres, the duo ultimately achieving a blend of abrasive beauty from electric guitars and electronica.

The electronic, looped simplicity of ‘Off the Rails’ is followed by the pandemic-inspired songs 'Things Fall Apart', 'Electronic Babysitter' and the wonderfully bizarre groove of 'Somewhere Between Dogs and Wolves', inspired by Ted Hughes’ poem ‘The dogs are eating your mother’.

'So Good It’s Free' and 'Zoe’s Edible Garden' deliver among the most direct and obvious lyrics on the album, addressing the growing inequality in society and the struggle of what Pickering describes as the unheard and unseen decent people without voices and increasingly without hope, barely considered worth considering.

The utopian optimism of 'So It Goes' to the bleak but beautiful view of ‘New York to L.A. in 2-and-a-half Minutes' led to 'Under the Sun', a campfire song with balearic beats that recounts the aftermath of the revolution that should be coming and finally 'L’altruisme', a strangely disconcerting slice of electronic weirdness.

As of April 21, the 'Preteretrospective’ album is available across digital music platforms, including SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp, where this and other releases can e obtained directly from the artist.

1. Beautiful Perhaps
2. Off The Rails
3. Things Fall Apart
4. Electronic Babysitter
5. Somewhere Between Dogs And Wolves
6. So Good It's Free
7. Zoe's Edible Garden
8. 2poor2die
9. So It Goes
10. Smile, Smile, Smile
11. Takes A Long Cold Look And Then The Kitchen Sink
12. New York To L.A. In 2-And-A-Half Minutes
13. Under The Sun
14. L'altruisme



Mystic Prophecy release their new official video for third single “Metal Attack”

Mystic Prophecy is proudly waving the flag of Heavy Metal and keeping the fire alive! With “Metal Attack”, Mystic Prophecy wrote a heavy metal anthem, the hymn to praise the music itself as well as the most loyal music fans in the world; metalheads!

The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Hellriot" that will be released on May 19, 2023 as jewel case CD, limited mediabook CD, various vinyl colors and picture discs and digital streaming / download format. Also released as a limited to 666 copies collector’s hardcover boxset that includes: the limited mediabook CD, velvet bag, all in one flatware/multitool, raincoat, and signed autograph!

Digital single of “Metal Attack” is now available across all digital and streaming platforms! Pre-save the album, here:

Mystic Prophecy:
R.D. Liapakis - Vocals
Markus Pohl - Guitar
Evan K - Guitar
Joey Roxx - Bass
Hanno Kerstan – Drums

The next MYSTIC PROPHECY live dates: 
06.05.23 · DE - Braunschweig // Rock in Rautheim
17.05.23 · DE - Memmingen // Kaminwerk
18.05.23 · DE - Mannheim // 7er Club
19.05.23 · DE - Schirnding // Gemeindehalle
20.05.23 · DE - Oberhausen // Kulttempel
07.07.23 · DE - Irslingen // Wolfweez Open Air
27.05.23 · CH - Neuchâtel // Rock The Lakes Cruise
08.07.23 · ES - Burgos // Zurbarán Rock Burgos
15.07.23 · DE - Bornhöved // Blizzard Open Air
29.07.23 · DE - Laichingen // Rock Dein Leben
04.08.23 · AT - Rattenberg // INNROCKreloaded Festival
12.08.23 · HR - Rajevo Selo // Pannonian Rock Festival
02.09.23 · GR - Volos // Golden R. Festival
23.09.23 · DE - Neuenstadt a. K. // Stadthalle
06.10.23 · CZ - Zliv // RockTime KD
07.10.23 · DE - Freising // Lindenkeller

Info & Tickets:



Joel Hoekstra's 13, the hard rock project of guitarist Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, Revolution Saints), will release its third studio album "Crash Of Life" on June 16 via Frontiers Music Srl. The whole album tracklist, the album cover and first single, "Far Too Deep", can be found below.

Track listing:

01. Everybody Knows Everything
02. Crash Of Life
03. Damaged Goods
04. Torn Into Lies
05. Far Too Deep
06. Not Tonight
07. Over You
08. I Would Cry For Love
09. Don't Have Words
10. Find A Way
11. You're Right For Me
12. Through The Night