Well-distinguished heavy metal duo Ashes of Ares announces the release of their third studio album “Emperors and Fools”

Nine years after forming Ashes of Ares, Matt Barlow and Freddie Vidales return with their third full-length album “Emperors and Fools”. This album sees the duo take the darkness and aggression from their previous album “Well of Souls” to a higher echelon. The writing process began almost immediately after “Well of Souls” was released. As usual, it was a true collaborative effort between the two, with ideas originating from one or the other, then evolving and being refined to what is presented on “Emperors and Fools.” The album flow is designed to keep the listeners on edge while bringing them from fast, heavy, pounding anthems to somber, melancholic, emotional pieces. The album ends with the eleven-minute long epic “Monster’s Lament” which features the long-imagined joining of forces between Matt Barlow and Tim Ripper Owens.

"Emperors and Fools" will be released on January 21, 2022 as digipak CD, limited Turquoise/Black Splatter Vinyl (300 copies worldwide), limited Red/Black Splatter Vinyl (300 copies worldwide) and digital streaming and download format.

• Produced by Ashes of Ares

• Mixed and mastered by Byron Filson at Villain Recording, Phoenix, Arizona

• Drums recorded by Ed Warrin of LCS Productions

• Artwork by Kamil Pietruczynik

Pre-order the album here: https://bit.ly/ashes_of_ares_emperors_and_fools


  1. A City in Decay (Intro)
  2. I Am the Night
  3. Our Last Sunrise
  4. Primed
  5. Where God Fears to Go
  6. Emperors and Fools
  7. By My Blade
  8. What Tomorrow Will Bring
  9. The Iron Throne
  10. Gone
  11. Throne of Iniquity (CD Exclusive Track)
  12. Monster’s Lament

Ashes Of Ares:

Matt Barlow - Vocals

Freddie Vidales – Guitars, Bass



Drums on all tracks by Van Williams

Keyboard intro composed by Jonah Weingarten

1st solo “The Iron Throne” by Wiley Arnett of Sacred Reich

2nd solo “The Iron Throne” by Charlie Mark

2nd solo “Monster’s Lament” by Bill Hudson

Guest vocals “Monster’s Lament” by Tim Ripper Owens

Keyboards “Monster’s Lament” by Brian Trainor

Heavy metallers White Wizzard proudly introduce their new vocalist. His name is Giles Lavery. The band is also working on its new studio album. 

Jon Leon, bass player and founder of White Wizzard, says: "I'm super excited to welcome Giles Lavery to the White Wizzard fold as our new lead singer and also as it happens... our worldwide manager. As a manager Giles has built up a steady roster and proven himself to people in the industry worldwide as a solid dependable person that gets shit done... after that, as we searched for the right singer, coupled with my listening deeply to his last band he sang for called Dragonsclaw, and seeing what I feel is so much potential in him, I offered him the lead vocalist role. I feel, merged with me as a writer... that he can ascend into a world class frontman and bring us into the stratosphere, It’s a perfect pairing both musically and professionally. He is a pros pro and that’s what WW needs on the mic. We have been a band that, though we have had 4 world class well reviewed and revered albums released, has gone through a bit of madness and hell, and we have lacked a manager that was a true professional with vision, and Giles I believe has what it takes to fill that void to complete the circle for us to finally realize the goal of this band I set when I formed it in 2007. I have remained the consistent sole songwriter of this band in spite of our setbacks, and I’m writing the most smoking inspired material of my life right now, our guitarists are also contributing more. To that end we are armed with what I feel is the best 2 lead guitar tandem in our genre right now in original member and most underrated guitarist James J LaRue and the complementary blistering fire of Will Wallner... In a couple years those guys will be more respected worldwide I can promise you that. And let’s not forget our other new addition Jonathan Brown on drums. He looks like the love child of Ginger Baker and he plays efficient and energetic with glistening red testicles of steel. We plan on releasing albums until we drop dead... and we are on a mission. This band was started for one reason, that being; musical passion. This is a line up of good guys that I'm confident will not let the fan base down like the past, be it pulling out of tours last minute or choosing addictions or ulterior motives over the fans. That won't happen with this group of people. And in the words of the late great genius Norm Macdonald - Don't do crack…". 

And Giles Lavery adds: "I am very excited to get back to doing what got me into this business in the first place, and that is singing, although my management business is thriving and will remain a focus with my great team there , i remain first and foremost a singer and musician… To give an example, as much as i admire Rod Smallwood, i had a picture of Bruce on my wall as a teenager not Rod! We are now going to get busy with the new White Wizzard tunes and I'm currently getting up to speed with their catalogue, of course which I am a fan of... I was singing "Kings Of The Highway" just today! I am thrilled to be a part of Jon's vision and appreciate the faith he has put in me."

Orange Goblin, the UK stoner metallers, who have regrouped and recruited Harry Armstrong as the bass player for their new studio opus and upcoming live shows, have signed a deal with Peaceville Records, which will release the band's tenth studio offering. 

Frontman Ben Ward says: "When we first started the band back in 1995, Peaceville was a label we admired so much due to the number of amazing bands they were releasing and building careers for at the time. To join a roster that released albums by the likes of Autopsy, Darkthrone, Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Pentagram, At The Gates, Aura Noir and many more is an absolute honour and we look forward to continuing that amazing bloodline of talent, alongside the killer bands that they currently have on their books. We spoke to a few labels when our last deal ended and the enthusiasm, vision and passion for the music that Peaceville showed made this a really easy decision for all of us. We can't wait to start work on what will be the 10th Orange Goblin studio album. With a new bass player in place we are now writing new material and expect to have this released sometime in 2022. Cheers!"

Paul Groundwell (Peaceville label manager) comments: "As trailblazers of the UK heavy metal scene for well over two decades now, and a band which has remained consistent in their attitude and with unwavering integrity towards their art, we're delighted to now welcome Orange Goblin to the Peaceville family for more top class doom-fuelled shenanigans to come."

James LaBrie, the frontman of Dream Theater, has chosen "Beautiful Shade Of Gray" as the title of his new solo album, out on May 20th, 2022 via InsideOut Music. This new effort was tracked with Scottish musician Paul Logue, bassist and founding member of the multinational melodic hard rock/metal band Eden's Curse.

But how did LaBrie's cooperation with Logue came about? LaBrie explains: "I sang on one of Eden's Curse' s songs back in 2010 called 'No Holy Man'; so I guest on that. And I really liked Paul's writing. To me, Paul's writing was more from a classical era — like the '70s; that classic rock approach. And I had a lot of ideas in that vein ... Paul and I actually bumped into each other — you think fate isn't there with you; holy shit… The day after we finished the show — Dream Theater in Glasgow [on] February 23rd [2020]. I'm waiting for my flight on the 24th to go to London and then Toronto, and Paul walks by me and he goes, 'James!' I'm, like, 'Oh my God!' He goes, 'You know I was at the show last night.' He kept trying to e-mail me on my old e-mail address. And he goes, 'Listen, let me know. You wanna get together? You wanna do some writing?' And I said, 'I'd love to.' At the time, I said, 'I don't know. Some freaky shit's going on. You're hearing about this virus?' 'Yeah. Yeah.' [I said] 'We've gotta go to Asia, then we've gotta go to freakin' South America and North America and all that.' I said, 'So we're probably not gonna be done till October, but why don't we start writing then? Or why don't we start throwing ideas back in the meantime, and I can even be on the road and working on it?' And he goes, 'Great.' All of a sudden, the world closes down. So we got on it… It was probably… Everything closed down March 15th, I believe, and by March 20th, him and I were already passing ideas back and forth."

The last James LaBrie solo album was "Impermanent Resonance" (2013), which was written and recorded with Matt Guillory.