Nightrage has just released a new music video for the single "Abyss Rising"

In 2021, the Greek/Swedish melodic death metal stars Nightrage return with the final part in their trilogy of albums ('The Venomous', 'Wolf to Man') and now complete with their upcoming album 'Abyss Rising'. An album that is the band's vision of mankind living in its own hell - a hell it has created through the destruction of the planet. Inspired in part by Dante's 'inferno', the album explores man’s continual destruction of the world we live in until the abyss opens up to consume all before it. The abyss has risen from the depths, and hell has now turned outside in to be able to rise to earth to claim us. The album captures Nightrage in a spectacular form; incisive, brutal, uncompromising, and unforgettable. Musically the band have embraced a harder, faster, and brutal approach, still rich in melodic intent but characteristically heavy and aggressive. Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordstrom at Studio Fredman (Architects, In Flames, Opeth, etc.) 'Abyss Rising' is a formidable sonic masterpiece. The album will be released 18th of February, 2022.

'Abyss Rising' was the first single and title track of the album. This song is all about how we as humans already are living in our own hell and expresses Nightrage’s vision where mankind has finally reached their own hell on Earth. Nightrage will now release the music video for 'Abyss Rising' and it will be released November 5th via Despotz Records.

Marios Iliopoulos said about the single; "Abyss Rising is one of the last songs that we have written for the new album me and Magnus, and we wanted to create a fast song with really strong melodies and catchy riffs. I feel we have really great chemistry when we sit down and write new songs together, plus with the addition of Ronnie he did some really great vocals that lifted the song a lot, especially on the chorus he added a lot of layers of clean vox harmonies that gives the song another dimension! We are blown away from the amazing art that Jon Tousas did from Graphic No Jutsu, you see 7 arrows that symbolizes the 7 deadly sins that is killing the 3 birds of innocence, so that shows us clearly the downfall of the humankind and the rising of the unfortunate Abyss. Beware Of The Abyss!".

In 2022, Nightrage is back with their ninth album 'Abyss Rising' - it's incisive, it's brutal, it's uncompromising and unforgettable.


The Three Tremors are releasing their new video for the single '"Crucifier". The band's new album "Guardians Of The Void" will soon be out (on the 5th of November, 2021) via Steel Cartel. The Three Tremors U.S. tour starts next week.

The Three Tremors feature vocalists Tim “Ripper” Owens (Judas Priest/KK’s Priest), Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin (Jag Panzer/Satan’s Host), and Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck (Cage/Death Dealer/Warrior/Denner Shermann). The band members said about the new single, "Crucifier" ... Owens said:“This is one of my favorite tracks on the record,” while Peck added, “When the band wrote this song I knew we had a special track on our hands.  It has a super haunting vibe and I love the chorus how it hits.  I am sure my fellow metal heads will dig it like I do.” Harry Conklin chimed in and said, “This was one I insisted we add to the live set.  I can’t wait to sing this with the band.” This haunting video captures the essence of the song which tells the tale of an avenging angel exiled on Earth and Hellbent on revenge! Their sophomore effort has been garnering great reviews from the press and their North American tour supporting the "Guardians Of The Void" album is about to hit! The album will hit the streets Friday, Nov, 5th 2021 worldwide and will NOT be available on the streaming services. Steel Cartel records releases the songs that go to video streaming platforms, relying on the hardcore fans to support heavy metal and the band by picking up a copy of the physical product. The vinyl options include unique products like a limited edition variant cover art version and a virgin cover version devoid of logos and titles.  An incredible array of pre-order package configurations for the "Guardians Of The Void" album are available in limited supply at

Catch the Three Tremors on tour in the United States this November and be sure to support the band with a pre-order of the album!
Confirmed November 2021 US tour dates:
11/3 Wednesday   Hamden, CT   The Cellar
11/4 Thursday   Clifton, NJ   Dingbatz
11/5 Friday   Pottstown, PA   Rivet Canteen and Assembly
11/6 Saturday   Long Island, NY   Barnum Ballroom
11/7 Sunday   Wilmington, DE   Bar XIII  
11/10 Wednesday   Brooklyn, NY   Arrogant Swine
11/11 Thursday   Scranton, PA   Stage West
11/12 Friday   Rochester, NY   Montage Music Hall
11/13 Saturday   Erie, PA   Philly On The Rocks
11/14 Sunday   West Seneca NY   240 South Rocks Live
11/15 Monday   Syracuse, NY   Sharkey’s  
11/17 Wednesday   Akron, OH   Empire Concert Club
11/18 Thursday   St Louis, MO     21 Rock
11/19 Friday   Detroit, MI   Token Lounge
11/20 Saturday   Joliet, IL   The Forge
11/21 Sunday   Milwaukee, WI   Club Garibaldi
11/23 Tuesday   Minneapolis MN   Cabooze


Ripple Music is going to release a new tribute album to Blue Öyster Cult! The ambitious "Döminance and Submissiön: A Tribute to Blue Öyster Cult" is an all-star tribute album, to be issued on January 14th, 2022.

Founded in 1967, Blue Öyster Cult are considered pioneers of occult rock'n'roll, marking generations with timeless anthems such as "(Don't Fear) The Reaper", "Burnin' for You", "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll" or "Godzilla". The New York outfit has since then remained a reference act of the 70s rock scene alongside MC5, The Stooges, or Steppenwolf. 

This ambitious tribute album was initiated by Poison Idea’s departed drummer Steve Hanford aka Thee Slayer Hippy, in conjunction with Ian Watts of Ape Machine. “Dominance and Submission" highlights some of the finest work from the legendary band, with unique contributions from Mondo Generator, Mos Generator, Great Electric Quest, War Cloud, Ape Machine, Zeke, Year Of The Cobra, Fetish, Spindrift, IT, Howling Giant, members of High On Fire, Quasi, Holy Grove, Fu Manchu, Witch Mountain, Wild Eyes, as well as Mark Lanegan and Billy Anderson, and artwork by Dave Snider.
"We started covering this song on our first few tours and decided to record it a couple of years back for a limited picture disc release. When I got in touch with Ian about this compilation, he had the idea to get Bob Balch involved. It was absolutely amazing to hear the dude behind one of the greatest 'Godzilla' covers rip a solo on our track," Howling Giant comment.
“Dominance and Submission: A Tribute to Blue Oÿster Cult" will be released in a special edition 2xLP with D-side etching in a gatefold jacket (limited colored edition and classic black edition), as well as on CD and digital.  All proceeds will go to Hanford's widowed partner, Kitty Diggins.
Tracklist and line-up:

Side 1: 
1) "ME 262" - Mondo Machine
2) "Flaming Telepaths" - Great Electric Quest
3) "Dominance and Submission" - Cosmo-Daemonic Telegraph Company featuring Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri and Sam Coomes
4) "Godzilla" - Howling Giant featuring Bob Balch

Side 2: 
1) "Transmaniacon MC" - Tony Reed (Mos Generator) with Thee Slayer Hippy
2) "Wings Wetted Down" - IT featuring Andrea Vidal
3) "Tattoo Vampire" - Mondo Generator with Thee Slayer Hippy
4) "Veteran of the Psychic Wars" - Ape Machine
5) "Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll" - Zeke

Side 3: 
1) "Stairway to the Stars" - War Cloud featuring Janiece Gonzalez 
2) "Fireworks" - Year of the Cobra with Thee Slayer Hippy
3) "7 Screaming Diz-Busters" - Fetish
4) "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" - Spindrift 
As Poison Idea’s drummer and producer, Hanford lived the hard road of the rock veteran. He played on two highly influential hardcore records: 'War All The Time' and 'Feel The Darkness,' and worked as a producer on indie rock projects such as Heatmiser (with Elliot Smith) and punk albums for notable names like The Hard-Ons. Following struggles with addiction and a seven-year prison sentence, he turned his life around, starting work in a music program and playing drums first in The Skull and then joining Ape Machine as drummer and producer. While on the road with Ape Machine, Steve decided to produce a tribute record to one of his favorite bands, Blue Öyster Cult.

Hanford was an accomplished and respected musician, able to round up a star-studded cast of bands for the tribute. Passing away in May of 2020, he didn't see the project's completion, but he completed most of the recordings, leaving Watts to gather the final pieces.

German power metal band Custard will release its seventh full-length album, "Imperium Rapax", on December 3rd, 2021. The pre-order phase will start on November 26th. Complete tracklist and cover artwork of this new album follow right below.

01. Imperium Rapax
02. Children Of The Wolf
03. In Umbra Aquilae
04. Res Publica
05. Blessed By Baal
06. Blood And Sand
07. The First Empore
08. Gloria Aegypti
09. The Goddess Of Magic And Death
10. Cornua Mortis
11. Furor Teutonicus
12. Ode To The Flames
13. Morituri Te Salutant
14. Quo Vadis