Trans-Atlantic alternative neo-folk collective Lusitanian Ghosts present 'Shameless', a song about love, regret and reconciliation, which previews  the band's forthcoming 'Lusitanian Ghosts III' album (out in autumn via European Phonographic). This is the second taste of their full-length album, following up the first life-affirming single 'The Long Train'.

Lusitanian Ghosts is a Portuguese-Canadian-Swedish project that resurrects lost Portuguese chordophones and other European string instruments, promoting ancient sounds in the 21st century. Re-casting these heritage folk violas into rock n roll songs, the European artist collective writes from a socio-political perspective on building a better world, creating songs for the heart and mind, recording on analogue tape and releasing moving music on vinyl.

Founded by Neil Leyton and Micke Ghost, the collective is currently made up of João Sousa, Abel Beja (from Primitive Reason), ToZé Bexiga (from Raia) and Jan-Eric Olsson, performing on traditional Portuguese chordophone instruments, ancient regional guitars like the Amarantina, Beiroa, Campaniça, Braguesa, Toeira and Terceirense. These instruments, once on the verge of extinction, are the real "Lusitanian Ghosts" - Lusitania being an ancient Celtic tribe in what would become the central territory of Portugal.

"We were having a photo shoot with Katja Ruge at Clouds Hill in Hamburg and she was telling us over and over again to look fierce. So there I was, lookin’ all fierce when this really cool, post punkish bass line appeared in my head. It just kept going so, as soon as we had a little break, I took Janne aside and asked him to play it on the Rickenbacker bass. When I heard it I started singing ”Shameless” to myself and quickly gathered Abe and ToZe to play some chords, Johnny to play some rhythm on his knees and Neil to sing some backup," explains Micke Ghost.

"The song kind of wrote itself and pretty soon we were all singing Shameless from the top of our lounges. It couldn’t have been more than twenty minutes from when I heard the bass line until it was finished. We recorded it really quick pretty much live off the floor right after the photo shoot was over. Sometimes you get lucky. Shamelessly lucky!"

Engineered and mixed by Sebastian Muxfeldt (Elbow, Peter Doherty, Teenage Fanclub) at Clouds Hill Studios in Hamburg, the Ghosts once again offer a brilliant taste of the sonic prism through which they present ancient sounds in the 21st Century.

Recorded and mixed on analogue tape, this music features the violas Amarantina, Campaniça and Terceira in glorious mono and stereo versions, bringing a new vintage chordophone rock n roll sound from the Ghosts. It was tracked on a Studer A820 2″ analogue tape machine, mixed down to 1/4 inch tape on the AEG Magnetophon 15 A, including both stereo and mono mixes.

From a deep love of rock n roll rooted in strong vocal traditions from Elvis Presley to David Bowie, Neil Leyton and Micke Ghost craft folk-rock songs that will appeal to fans of The Waterboys, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, and newer alt-folk-rock experimental crossings of rock n roll with other genres and traditions, like XIXA.

Lusitanian Ghosts' sophomore album 'Exotic Quixotic' was released with a Deluxe Edition featuring bonus tracks, adaptations of the title track into Portuguese and Polish, feat. Joana Negrão (A Cantadeira) and Misia Furtak.

As of June 6, 'Shameless' will be available everywhere digitally, including SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp.


Canadian alternative pop artist Apricity presents her new single 'Allison Wonderland', a clever adrenaline-filled composition about imagining and seeking the type of relationship, love and companion you most want. A song that is, at the same time, a light forewarning about creating that *perfect* person in your mind.

With an edge reminiscent of early Avril Lavigne and fueled by the creative inspiration of artists like Shirley Manson, Alanis Morrissette and Debbie Harry, Apricity dishes out attitude and melody in equal amounts.

With her moniker derived from the Latin word meaning “basking in the warmth of the sun", Apricity's music offers alternative pop flair through the prism of 90s-inspired vibes with earlier singles permeated by more Evanescence-inspired dark tones. This new single follows 'All My Lies', released in 2021, and 'The Fear', released in 2022.

"This song reflects the dream of having the perfect relationship that most want, even if it is a dream away. I was lucky again to work with Greg Critchley - an amazing songwriter - along with Thomas at Exeter Sound Studios and mixing engineer Vic Florencia," says Apricity.

On 'Allison Wonderland', Apricity worked with a world-class team, including Toronto-based Juno-nominated and platinum awarded music producer Thomas McKay at Exeter Sound Studios, US-based Canadian songwriter Greg Critchley and legendary mixer / engineer Vic Florencia (Olivia Rodrigo, Hilary Duff, Blue Rodeo, Steven Page, Snoop Dog, Tanya Tagaq, Esthero, Joss Stone). 

Now based in Greater Toronto, Apricity was born and spent her formative years in Scotland, where she had her first foray into the entertainment world, auditioning for Britain’s iconic Top of the Pops, appearing on kids’ TV programs like Fun Factory, not to mention pageant shows and eventually musical theatre.

The accompanying video, which was produced by Jesse Read and directed by Apricity with Dropout Entertainment was filmed at various locations in Ontario, including the Templin Garden in Fergus with its open-air romantic spaciousness and gothic stonemasonry, and the tea party scene in the Puslinch township in south-central Ontario.

"We started filming this during the end of the pandemic and finished late last year. We scouted many locations for this, but couldn't get the right *feel* until we found The Templin Gardens in Fergus. The feeling needs to be there. It needs to suit the song and mood and what we are trying to create," says Apricity.

"My previous videos also have the fantasy-telling story factor, so this is a continuation in that sense. I want to create a story that leads the audience into a different world. Obviously the name of the song suits the visuals we created, with a little twist of Tim Burton-esque horror blended in".

As of June 2, 'Allison Wonderland' will be available across fine music platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.



Volbeat has split with guitarist Rob Caggiano. He was part of the band since 2013. Stepping in for the upcoming live appearances will be Flemming C. Lund of The Arcane Order.

This is the official statement of the Danish rockers: "After ten incredible years we must sadly announce that Volbeat and Rob Caggiano have parted ways. During our time together we’ve traveled the world sharing great experiences and released four albums that we are immensely proud of, and we wouldn’t change a moment of it.

"We wish our brother Rob all the best with everything he does in the future (we know it’s going to be great)!

"Filling those shoes on stage will be a herculean task, but our good friend Flemming C. Lund (The Arcane Order) will be jumping in to handle lead guitar on our 2023 shows. Thank you to all of our incredible fans for their support, and more importantly, thank you to Rob for ten amazing years".




Thrash metal titans, Vendetta, share album details & official music video for first single, "Stranglehold Of Terror".

Six years since their latest, much-acclaimed studio offering, The 5th, German thrash metal titans VENDETTA return with their sixth album, entitled Black As Coal, on July 14, 2023 via Massacre Records!

Having released their first two records in the late 80's, VENDETTA's style is deeply rooted in thrash and speed metal. With the addition of guitarist Jan Hüttinger and drummer Domi Bertelt, new blood joined VENDETTA a few years ago and the band started working on their upcoming, new album, that was recorded during the pandemic.

Black As Coal sees the band stronger and heavier than ever, and without question, will mark their best album to date! Give ear, VENDETTA have just unleashed a music video for their first, break-your-neck single "Strangehold Of Terror".

"The theme of the song clearly goes back to the refugee flows and promotes sympathy for all people who had to leave their homeland,” VENDETTA singer Mario Vogel reveals. "Anyone threatened by war and hunger would certainly act the same way and flee.”

Black As Coal was mixed by Dominik Bertelt and VENDETTA at Caffeine Recording, and was mastered by Michael Simon at Rocket Science Audio Studio. The cover artwork was designed by Pablo Klose. Slated for a release as Jewel Case CD, Ltd. Vinyl LP and Digital formats on July 14, 2023 through Massacre Records, the album pre-sale of this must-have thrash metal gem is now available at THIS LOCATION!


"Black As Coal" track listing:

1. Shoot To Kill

2. Stranglehold Of Terror

3. No Hands But A Gun

4. AK-47

5. Black As Coal

6. Time To Change

7. Death Means Relief

8. Cheap Death

9. Pallbearer

10. For Dear Life

11. Beast In Her Eyes