"United" is Crosson's new single, off their upcoming new studio album, "Ready, Aim ... Rock".

Press Release

Aussie theatrical glam rock warriors stand UNITED. A new uplifting glam rock anthem from the ‘Land Down Under’ can only mean one thing, CROSSON are back!!! 

Crashing down from the stratosphere, CROSSON deliver the first video ‘UNITED’ from their upcoming new album ‘READY, AIM … ROCK!!’. 

Mixed by legendary U.S engineer Duane Baron (Ozzy Osbourne, Motley CrueAlice Cooper, Poison) and mastered by U.S mastering legend Dave Donnelly (Aerosmith, KISS, Whitesnake) , UNITED punches you in the face with its feelgood, fist-pumping, catchy anthemic chorus that only CROSSON can deliver while the video shows the band in its choreographed, energetic glory whilst capturing their history with old footage.  

“The video shows CROSSON’s history from its embryotic inception to where we are in 2022. What you see today didn’t just come together overnight. It was years of trial, error and perseverance! “says vocalist, writer, producer Jason Crosson.  

“All for one and one for all, here we stand UNITED!!” 

‘READY, AIM … ROCK!!’ will be released on Sept 9, 2022.

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David Coverdale has been diagnosed with infection of sinus and trachea. So, Whitesnake were forced to cancel some shows of their ongoing Farewell Tour. This infection comes some days after the health problems of Reb Beach and Tommy Aldridge. Right below you can read Coverdale's announcement on the band's official website and social media.

"Dear WHITESNAKE fans around the world: We have been rocking our way across the globe on the first part of our Farewell Tour giving all we've got to you, the fans. The rigors of the road are the same for all of us and we have been trying to keep everyone healthy and safe. Unfortunately we have been hit recently with a couple of situations that we have been dealing with, the best we can. First our beloved band leader Reb Beach went down temporarily and he missed a couple of shows while he mended (and is much better now, by the way). Then the rock of our band, the Legendary Tommy Aldridge went down and we unfortunately were not able to play the Rock Imperium Festival in Cartagena this past Saturday (very regrettable and all apologies to our Spanish fans and friends). Tommy was bad enough at the time to have missed the first show ever in his career – The GOOD news is that he is feeling better and is anxious to get back out there to perform for all of you. Unfortunately I have now been hit hard as well. I started feeling a bit under the weather two days ago, and was just diagnosed with an infection of the sinus & trachea. The doctor recommends 5 days of no singing and bed rest. Sadly, that means that we are not going to be able to do the upcoming shows in Milan, Vienna and a decision on Zagreb [July 2] is about to be made. I'm very sorry to all the fans who had planned to come see our Farewell Tour in each of those cities – it's my intention to get better as soon as possible and be able to pick up with the remaining shows of the European Farewell Tour. You are all in our hearts!!".

Whitesnake are going to visit Greece in a few days. Let's wish David Coverdale a speedy recovery.

***update: Whitesnake's live show in Zagreb was cancelled too. "I am still under doctor's orders of bed rest" says David Coverdale.




Phenomy, the thrash metal band from Lebanon, has released a new single, "Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (A Tribute To H.P. Lovecraft), off their latest album, "Syndicate of Pain". Right below you can read the press release and enjoy the accompanying video.

Press Release

Lebanese thrash/groove metal titans Phenomy have unleashed their blistering new album 'Syndicate Of Pain', out March 3rd 2022, along with harrowing animation video 'Lead Me To My Throne'. 'Syndicate Of Pain' is a concept album about an asylum ran by Dr. Anton Shuman, a mad scientist that is manipulating criminals and patients labelled insane in his facility. The album later reveals that these patients are not being cured, but are part of a bigger and darker project, that even Dr. Schuman himself is being deceived by. In the album is included the single “Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (A Tribute To H.P. Lovecraft)”.

Official links 

Website:          www.phenomyofficial.com 

Facebook:        www.facebook.com/phenomyofficial 

Instagram:       www.instagram.com/phenomyofficial 

Twitter:           www.twitter.com/phenomyofficial 

YouTube:         www.youtube.com/phenomy 

Spotify:            https://open.spotify.com/artist/2oeDZHOGoxpg1kOq39JrL5 

Apple Music:   https://music.apple.com/us/artist/phenomy/1351261592 

SoundCloud:    http://www.soundcloud.com/phenomyofficial 


September 9, 2022. Save this date, since that's when Ozzy Osbourne will release his new album, "Patient Number 9". The album's title track features a guest appearance by legendary guitarist Jeff Beck and its music video, directed by artist and comic book creator Todd McFarlane, can be streamed below.

"Patient Number Nine" tracklist

01. Patient Number 9 (feat. Jeff Beck)
02. Immortal (feat. Mike McCready)
03. Parasite (feat. Zakk Wylde)
04. No Escape From Now (feat. Tony Iommi)
05. One Of Those Days (feat. Eric Clapton)
06. A Thousand Shades (feat. Jeff Beck)
07. Mr. Darkness (feat. Zakk Wylde)
08. Nothing Feels Right (feat. Zakk Wylde)
09. Evil Shuffle (feat. Zakk Wylde)
10. Degradation Rules (feat. Tony Iommi)
11. Dead And Gone
12. God Only Knows
13. Darkside Blues

Regarding Jeff Beck's contribution to the song, Ozzy said: "Having someone like Jeff Beck play on my album is just incredible, a total honor. There's no other guitar player that plays like him and his solo on 'Patient Number 9' is just jaw-dropping."

As for his renewed collaboration with Iommi, Ozzy said: "It was really great working with Tony. He's the riff master. No one can touch him in that respect. I only wish we had these songs for BLACK SABBATH's '13' album".