Death to All celebrate 30 years of “Individual Thought Patterns” with a North American Tour!

The super-project/Death tribute band, feat. Gene Hoglan, Steve Di Giorgio, Bobby Koelble, Max Phelps - are currently touring in North America, in celebration of “Individual Thought Patterns”. See the show dates in the flyer. 

Recently the band shared on its Facebook page:
“Death to All embarks today on a North American tour celebrating 30 years of Death’s iconic album Individual Thought Patterns, along with other classics. Featuring original members Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Dethklok), Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Sadus), and Bobby Koelble (Death, The Jazz Professors), along with Max Phelps (Cynic, Exist), Death To All is a celebration of Chuck Schuldiner’s life and legacy, along with all things DEATH!”

“Individual Thought Patterns” is the fifth studio album by DEATH, released on June 22, 1993, by Relativity Records.


Founded in 1984 by Chuck Schuldiner under the original name of Mantas in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Death was among the more widely known early pioneers of the death metal sound, along with California’s Possessed. Inspired by Nasty Savage, Death was among the first bands in the Florida death metal scene. In the late 80s, the band was both a part of and integral in defining the death metal scene which gained international recognition with the release of albums by a number of area acts.

Death to All operates as a tribute band to the original Death, which dissolved in 2001 following the passing of the group’s founder and frontman Chuck Schuldiner. The backbone of Death to All is singer/guitarist Max Phelps (Obscura, ex-Cynic), drummer Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Testament), bass beast Steve DiGiogio (Testament, Sadus) and Bobby Koelble (Death). Death to All is a unique opportunity for a new generation of metalheads to experience the genius of Death and Chuck Schuldiner first-hand.

Gene Hoglan: Drums 
Bobby Koelble: Lead & Rhythm Guitar 
Max Phelps: Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals 
Steve Di Giorgio: bass 

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