"With Floor Jansen, we are sisters in metal". That's what Tarja Turunen said about Floor Jansen, when she was asked about any possible interactions with current Nightwish singer, Floor Jansen, who had recently revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Tarja appeared on a recent episode of the "Scars And Guitars" podcast, where she said exactly: "We are in touch, and recently more, because she came up with the really horrible news of being sick. So I've been in touch with her. But ever since she joined Nightwish, I was there for her. So it's, like, I don't have any… Actually, I hope she's fine and everything is great with her and she's happy. That's what I wish. Now and then when I am in Netherlands, if I have concerts in Netherlands, she's poking by and so on and so on. It's really, really nice ... In general, hey, I feel in metal, we are sisters in metal — we all are like sisters in metal. We actually do support each other, all of us ... When I started in metal, I felt a little lonely, because there were not too many girls around in the festivals I went; I was mainly the only girl all around. And nowadays it's so incredible to see so many female vocalists. They approach me — if I do not recognize them, they approach me — they come and talk. And it's really lovely. We have this really beautiful connection and a lot to share. And that is also… I really enjoy it so much nowadays. It has changed a lot".

news source: "Scars and Guitars" podcast and blabbermouth.net