Greek thrash metal outfit Amken is going to release its new album "Passive Aggression" on August 26, 2022 via Massacre Records. People can already pre-save the album here »

Compared to previous releases, the album features vocals that are darker and more in-your-face, and a guitar sound that is more melodic but still relentless at the same time. The album's cover artwork - available below - was designed by Adam Burke. "Passive Aggression" was mixed by Fotis Benardo, and mastered by George Neratzis. Amken - consisting of vocalist/guitarist Giannis Karakoulias, guitarist/back vocalist Vanias Apostolopoulos, bassist Dionisis Kiamos and drummer Harris Zampoukos - delivers blood-pumping thrash metal that fills the gap between old-school and new-era thrash.