Orphaned Land proudly announce the release of their special Ltd. CD box set, "30 Years Of Oriental Metal"

The famous band from Israel celebrate its 30th anniversary. Three decades of creating music, performing live shows around the globe and spreading the message of peace. For this very special occasion the band releases a Ltd. CD box set including 8 CDs featuring 6 full-length albums and a bonus song collection from the past 30 years on two extra CDs. The box also contains an extended 112-page booklet with special liner notes for each album from Kobi Farhi. "30 Years Of Oriental Metal" will be out on December 10th via Century Media Records.

Happy about this special anniversary frontman Kobi Farhi states: "Wow....it's unbelievable 30 years have gone already! Looking back, we feel so proud we succeeded to extend the metal scene from the well-known American, South American, European & Scandinavian scenes, we made it wider when we started the 'Oriental Metal’ genre and introduced metal from the Middle East to the world, since 1991. Cheers for the next 30 years!“