Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo has signed with InsideOut Music in order to release his new solo album. The renowned guitarist's album will be titled "War Of The Worlds, Part II" and is due out on February 4, 2022.

For "War Of The Worlds, Part II", Romeo welcomed a couple of returning players — drummer John Macaluso and bassist John "JD" DeServio — but the album marks the first time he worked with Croatian singer Dino Jelusick.

"I go way back with John and JD, so they were the obvious choices, but this time I wanted to try something different with the vocals," Romeo says. "Dino came highly recommended, and he totally nailed it! He really brought an exciting element to the music."

The new album proves again that Romeo is one of the most renowned songwriters in progressive metal. His new studio effort is a mind-blowing return that till take every progressive metal enthusiast on a journey!

"War Of The Worlds, Part II" recording lineup:

Michael Romeo - Guitars, Keys/Orchestra, Cello, Saz
Dino Jelusick - Vocals
John "JD" DeServio - Bass
John Macaluso - Drums