Hammer King has just announced its new studio album and released its new single off this upcoming album ("Hammerschlag"). The tracklist and the cover artwork of the "Hammer King" album can be seen below. "Hammerschlag" features members of Epica, Tankard and Warkings. The new album of the heavy/power metal unit will be released on June 11, 2021, through Napalm Records.


01. Awaken The Thunder
02. Baptized By The Hammer
03. Onward To Victory
04. Hammerschlag
05. Atlantis (Epilogue)
06. We Are The Kingdom
07. Into The Storm
08. Ashes To Ashes
09. In the Name of the Hammer
10. Kings of Kings
11. Holy (Outro)
12. Hammerschlag (HK Version) [bonus track; physical only]