Legendary Whitesnake frontman, David Coverdale, clarified some things about his future and a possible retirement (he had stated that 2021 would be an "appropriate" year for him to retire).

In a new interview with the "Appetite For Distortion" podcast, he said: "I thought when I was writing 'Here I Go Again' as I was coming up to my 30th birthday, I thought the party was over. I was inconsolable. And 38 years later, I'm releasing albums, making new deals with record companies. It's mad — teetering on my 69th birthday. So whether or not I can go in and do 'Still Of The Night' when I'm in my 70s, I'm not so sure about that. But who knows? I've been taken by surprise too many times in my life to know that this magic there that exists… Whenever you make plans, that's when God has a laughing fit. 'Oh, really? Those are your plans? Well, let me just throw this into the mix". "I was asked a question, and I just thought it was amusing to say, 'Oh, what better age for the lead singer of Whitesnake [to retire] than 69? I can't wait to design the t-shirts.' That was just fun". I hope I do get out and play [in my 70s]. "There's nothing comparable to standing in front of 10, 15, 20, 30 thousand people and have them singing — a hundred thousand people we were doing in South America last year — singing along to every word that you wrote. Some of these people weren't even born when those songs were released. There is nothing more fulfilling than that to an artist, to have an appreciative audience make you feel so uplifted. It's breathtaking. I certainly hope to have that experience again. And if I can't do the big stuff, then I'll do the little stuff and do 'An Evening With David Coverdale' — of more acoustic-based conversations, [including] a Q&A with me [where you can] find out 'the real story of what happened".