More than six years since the release of “Distant Is The Sun”, Vanishing Point are once again ready to take on the world with their world-class melodic metal assault on the senses. Their sixth full-length album “Dead Elysium” is a revisit to the epic and bombastic sounds of soaring vocals, heavy guitars and mesmerizing orchestral elements. Set for release on August 28th, 2020 “Dead Elysium” is a return to form for Australia’s most iconic melodic metal band.
Guitarist Chris Porcianko explains to us lately: “We faced many obstacles over the years between "Dead Elysium" and "Distant Is The Sun", we’d like to think that this album is also a kind of reflection on the journey we had as a band and as individuals over the last few years." Vanishing Point have undergone a resurgence and have embarked on a campaign to put themselves back in the eyes of the heavy metal world.
The epic title song “Dead Elysium” will be heralding the new album first, followed by a second single to answer to the name of “Salvus”, saturated in dark atmosphere and melody. Both will be accompanied by lyric videos. A new official energetic and symphonic videoclip/single named “Count Your Days” will see daylight shortly before album release.
Fans all around the globe will count the days until arrival of this new masterpiece, some of them will be dying to finally listen to it. But we’re able promise you one thing … “Dead Elysium” is absolutely worth the long wait!



Paul Chapman, former guitarist of UFO and Waysted, has passed away, at the age of 66. No cause of death has been made public.

His passing was confirmed by his son, who wrote on Paul's Facebook page: "It is with a heavy heart writing this, today is my dads 66th birthday. He passed away earlier this afternoon. He was a brilliant, energetic, loving and most carefree person and the First man I ever loved. Everyone he came in contact with loved him. no ADORED him. will keep everyone posted on his celebration of life. I appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers as his family grieves and processes everything at this time. I love you Dad. So much".

Chapman joined UFO in 1974 and toured with them in support of their third studio album "Phenomenon". However, his first tenure with the band didn’t last, and Chapman departed the following year. He went on to rejoin UFO in 1978 and played on the studio albums "No Place To Run", "The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent", "Mechanix" and "Making Contact". Following UFO’s split in 1983, Chapman hooked up with the band’s former bassist Pete Way in Waysted, playing on 1985’s "The Good the Bad the Waysted" and "Save Your Prayers" the following year.

Rest in peace, Paul.


Rage are back from the Corona crisis with a double bang: as had already been rumoured behind the scenes, guitarist Marcos Rodriguez has left the band. To replace him, vocalist/bassist Peavy Wagner has welcomed two new stringsmen to the Rage fold. New addition Stefan Weber (ex-Axxis) was introduced to the public at the METAL HAMMER online show in early May, now the band has presented its second new member, Jean Bormann (formerly Angelic, Rage & Ruins). Alongside Peavy, drummer Vassilios “Lucky” Maniatopoulos continues to be part of the group’s permanent line-up. Peavy: “We’ve wanted for some time for Rage to be a quartet again, with two guitarists the way we operated back in the days of "Black In Mind" and "End Of All Days". After Marcos had returned to Tenerife and consequently was no longer available, I used this opportunity to enlist two young guitarists.”

The full new Rage line-up can be seen and heard for the first time in the ‘The Price Of War 2.0’ video clip, a new edition of the song from "Black In Mind", scheduled to be released today on all important online channels. Peavy: “As you can tell from the clip, Stefan and Jean complement each other perfectly. They’re both young and bring a lot of fresh energy to the band. We consciously chose this number for the video because we also wanted to revitalise the sound of the Black In Mind era. The track was cut practically live for the clip, with only a few overdubs added. Rage will sound as heavy and punchy as we do on that song.”

The fact that Rage are already busy working on new material proves just how well the new line-up has gelled on a musical as well as a personal level. Says Peavy: “As we’re not in a position to do any shows for obvious reasons at the moment, but the guys are bursting with energy, we’re using that momentum to work on new ideas that will probably be ready for release next year.”
The current album "Wings Of Rage" was released in January 2020 through Steamhammer/SPV as CD digipak, 2LP gatefold version, limited box set, shirt bundle (Steamhammer Shop) download and stream ( ) and entered the album charts in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France and the USA.


According to the Total Guitar magazine, whose readers voted the 100 best guitarists ever in the magazine's latest issue, Brian May was named the greatest guitarist of all time. Queen's guitarist beat out guitar legends, such as Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix.

Let's see what May told Total Guitar about this: "I'm absolutely speechless. I'm blown away. I have to say it's completely unexpected. Obviously, I'm deeply touched that people feel that way about me. I'm not under any illusions that, technically, I'm even on the tree of great guitarists. I guess this tells me that what I've done has affected people, and that means a great deal to me. I will never claim to be a great guitarist in the sense of, you know, a virtuoso. I guess I just try to play from my heart and that's about". On beating Hendrix, May said: "Oh my god! Well, it is very humbling. Jimi is, of course, my number one. And I've always said that. To me, he's still something superhuman. Its like he really did come from an alien planet, and I will never know quite how he did what he did. And every time I go back to Hendrix, I'm thrilled and stunned, and I get that feeling all over again, like either I'm going to give up playing guitar, because I can't face up to this, or I'm gonna really have to get into it in a big way and try and do what is in my own body and soul. I never stop learning from Jimi. Strangely enough, these days I seldom play his stuff but it's kind of inside my anyway".