German thrash metal legends Sodom will release their new studio album "Genesis XIX" on November 27th, 2020. The album was recorded by Siggi Bemm and mastered by Patrick W. Engel. The cover artwork was illustrated again by Joe Petagno. "Genesis XIX" will be released as a CD DigiPak version, 2LP gatefold version, exclusive bundle versions with mask (only at the Steamhammer shop), download and stream through SPV/Steamhammer:

Below you can see the cover of the new album and the tracklisting.

1. Blind Superstition 1:02
2. Sodom & Gomorrah 4:06
3. Euthanasia 3:54
4. Genesis XIX 7:09
5. Nicht mehr mein Land 4:29
6. Glock N‘ Roll 5:02
7. The Harponeer 7:10
8. Dehumanized 3:53
9. Occult Perpetrator 4:53
10. Waldo & Pigpen 6:26
11. Indoctrination 3:10
12. Friendly Fire 3:36



Legendary late 60s/early 70s heavy rockers Vanilla Fudge, who celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017 and are still together (their line-up includeds all four original members -  Mark Stein, Carmine Appice, Vinnie Martel and Tim Bogert (who no longer tours but will appear on a few tracks on the record), along with touring bassist Pete Bremy), have signed a deal with Golden Robot Records. To celebrate this announcement, the band will drop a remastered version of its cover of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" on September 22. 

Vanilla Fudge will release a new album in 2021, "The Supreme Vanilla Fudge", which will see them rework ten songs from the legendary The Supremesdone in the classic Fudge way.

Mark Stein said: "'Immigrant Song' by Led Zeppelin is one of the monster tracks of all time. How do you top that? Well, you can't, but we decided to just have fun with it. I came up with this 'On Green Dolphin Street' kinda chord progression as the intro on the synth with a heavy-duty brass sound that worked pretty well. The guys fell into it right quick and it rocks the house. Carmine did a great job with the drum track and Tim and Vince killed it. I did the vocals in Florida and sent it back to Carmine in Los Angeles and he mixed it. Hope you dig it".

Mark Alexander-Erber, president and founder of Golden Robot, said: "GRR is honored to have such a classic band on the label. Considering they had the main song 'You Keep Me Hangin' On' in the recent Quentin Tarantino movie 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood', it shows you their legacy will continue for some time yet. We are excited to release the new remastered Led Zeppelin and Supremes albums over the next 12 months".


Rob Halford is currently working on his debut blues solo album! The legendary singer of Judas Priest singer is collaborating with the same team that assisted him during the making of his 2019 Christmas LP "Celestial", including his brother Nigel and his nephew Alex (son of Priest bassist Ian Hill). In a brand new interview with Darren Paltrowitz, Halford has commenced work on this blues effort.

Asked if a blues album is still something he is interested in pursuing, Halford said: "It is, and I'll give you an exclusive: it's already begun. I've been working on this blues album with my brother and my nephew and friends that I worked with together on the "Celestial" album. We had such a great time, and they're so talented. And that blues thing has never left me; it's just part of rock and roll". "So, it's begun," he continued. "We're slowly putting bits and pieces together. There's no timeline on it. We're kicking the tires, and I've already got some bits of ideas here and there, and they sound great".

In other Rob Halford news, Judas Priest's frontman will release his autobiography, "Confess", on September 29 via Hachette Books. Pre-orders are now available at Amazon.


It is only for one song, but it remains amazing news. Legendary hard rock band Blue Öyster Cult are rejoined by founding member Albert Bouchard in a song ("That Was Me") off the band's new album, "The Symbol Remains". Bouchard is also taking part in the relevant official video of the certain song, playing and singing the parts as he does on the new album. This music video was directed by Steve Schenck and Richie Castellano.

"The Symbol Remains" will be released on October 9 via Frontiers Music Srl. Coming nearly two decades after the release of the band's last studio LP, "Curse Of The Hidden Mirror", the effort showcases a band which hasn't been slowed by the time passed but is simply unfazed by it. "The Symbol Remains" is said to be one of Blue Öyster Cult's most spirited, diverse and inspired releases to date.

"The Symbol Remains" track listing:

01. That Was Me
02. Box In My Head
03. Tainted Blood
04. Nightmare Epiphany 

05. Edge Of The World
06. The Machine
07. Train True (Lennie's Song)
08. The Return Of St. Cecilia
09. Stand And Fight
10. Florida Man
11. The Alchemist
12. Secret Road
13. There's A Crime
14. Fight

The intense creative vision of BÖC's original core duo of vocalist/lead guitarist Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser and vocalist/rhythm guitarist Eric Bloom are complemented by Richie Castellano on guitar and keyboards, and the longtime rhythm section of bass guitarist Danny Miranda, and drummer Jules Radino.