People started showing up outside of An Club for the well-known to the Greek audience band, Comeback kid. Let's see how the night unfolded.

The night started with two very known local bands that count many years on the Greek hardcore scene. Censored Sound was the first band that got on stage. Although the audience was only a small group of people at the moment, the band didn’t seem to be bothered and they gave us a really great performance.

Then we have Eden Demise that after almost ten years of absence they came back strong earlier this year with their new EP “The Great Injustice”. What a better way for a comeback than a wakeup call that’s always topical especially on hardcore culture. Eden Demise showed up on stage and it felt like they had never left. The crowd’s love and support combined with band’s energy, light up the fire to welcome Comeback Kid on stage.

The Canadians showed up to the Greek audience once more, causing a frenzy. The crowd was in tune from the first moment the band stepped on up to the stage, I guess it has to do also with the fact that they have built a strong fanbase here, since they’ve been in our country quite a lot of times. Stage dives started from the first song and people literally jumping off the stage every few seconds until the very end. Even though the concert wasn’t sold out the place was filled by the energy of both sides, the atmosphere was thrilling and the whole show felt like a huge party. If I had to choose the highlights of the night they were without a doubt “Do yourself a favour”, “Wake the dead and “False idols fall” when everyone sang their lungs out, jumping on and off the stage. I really hope we paid them back for their last performance in Gagarin a few years back (where they played for a small group of people), which they referred to as black spot of their time in Greece and we showed them the support that they deserve. I’m glad I was part of this show once again, till we meet again.

At this point I felt also the need to thank Hardtimes Athens from all of us, for their efforts all these years to support the local and global hardcore scene, giving us such great shows.

Aggeliki Papaioannou