Weekdays in An Club seem to get a whole new meaning. This week came on strong with Chelsea Grin as headliners for their first time in Greece, but let’s see how it started below.

First band for tonight was Mask of Prospero, a Greek band that was formed in 2014. We could all agree that we’re talking about five excellent musicians and even though the people had just started coming in the club, the atmosphere that the band created was captivating. Their progressive, polyrhythmic sound with melodic vocals and screams too, composed a mesmerizing performance that was perfectly executed. I would love to see them live again, I truly believe this band would fit in many line-ups.

As the time was passing by, people started filling the place and the next band that got on stage was Skybinder, another local band, who got together in 2018. The metalcore band from Athens gave us Parkway Drive vibes stirring up the crowd with their energy. They combined perfectly their influences with their passion and the outcome was fiery on stage. I can say for sure that by now the audience seemed warmed up for what was coming after.

And the time has come for Chelsea Grin. The deathcore band from Utah has finally come for their first time in Greece. The club is full and the temperature is increasing as Chelsea Grin showing up on stage. It was clear from the first moment that the guys were playing for keeps, the crowd was wild and the pits never stop. The atmosphere in the An Club was insane and I can easily say that the crowd played a huge part on that too, I bet we got them as high as they got us. I’m still trying to figure out how it’s possible for Tom to go through the whole set literally screaming, without any breaks or even a drop of water. That’s a true frontman right here, so much respect, of course not only for that but also for his connection with the audience and the powerful performance that gave us.

Aggeliki Papaioannou