Middle of June in Athens and luckily it wasn’t just another regular Tuesday, at least for us who were in line outside of An Club. Agnostic Front, known as the godfathers of the hardcore scene, were back in our city for a sold-out concert that many of us will remember for a long time. But before I spoil anything, let’s take things from the start.

The first band that shared the stage was XResistenciAX, the guys from Tbilisi, who warmed up the crowd for good with their true hardcore sound. Their energy and communication with the people were amazing, even though the people were still arriving, the band gave it all from the start. Although they’re releasing their music since 2015, there are no many traces of them online, but I’m sure they gained quite a few fans from that night (I’m certainly one of them).

Next, we had our very own local band, Against All Odds, who knew exactly what to do to stir up the crowd that packed the place. The five member band took over the scene and made everyone moving to their hardcore punk sound. It’s safe to say that their performance was incredible, since after a small break for technical reasons the crowd didn’t lose its spark.

After a few drinks and two stunning performances, I think we were all prepared for what was coming next. Easy to say that Agnostic Front overcame our expectations. Vinnie Stigma was the first hitting the stage and made people go crazy, then the show started and people went crazier. Mosh pits, stage dives, crowd singing along, people just reflected the energy that was on stage. The highlights of the night were definitely “For my Family”, “Gotta Go” and … Vinnie (lol). The New Yorkers gave us a mind blowing experience that just a few words can’t describe the feelings and the energy that we felt!

Aggeliki Papaioannou