Although this winter there are surprisingly few concerts, that wasn’t the reason we were looking forward to Enter Shikari's one. Their nine-year absence from our local scene and the nostalgia of our teens were the main reasons amongst many that brought us at the Gagarin 205 stage.

The evening started with Lake Malice, an English band that were loyal to their date with the Greek audience. This new band just released their new EP, which we listened to it complete! They were definitely a wise choice by Enter Shikari to go on a tour together. The band of three, with Alice on vocals, filled the stage, or at least what was left of it, as Enter Shikari’s equipment took up a large part of it. Alice with her super hero-like bodysuit excited the Greek audience with her energy, prompting us to jump and do mosh-pits. There is no doubt that they have conveyed their enthusiasm and dynamism to us, they have all the attributes to succeed.

It's time for Enter Shikari to come up on stage and that's how the show begins. At first, I thought I knew what to expect (being in their previous concert), but I got disproved from the very first seconds. I had no idea. Impressive lights and visuals, Enter Shikari, with almost ten years more experience from the last time, created an unrepeatable atmosphere. With "Anything Can Happen in the Next Half Hour..." they awakened our memories and we didn’t stop singing. One of the highlights surely was "Quickfire Round", as they call it, it definitely sounds fitting, as we're talking about four songs, more specifically "Havoc B", "Bull", "The Last Garrison" and "Sorry, You're Not a Winner”, in just seven minutes! At that moment there was a slight disappointment on my part that I would have loved to listen to these songs whole, but especially the last one which marked my teenage years. Band and audience gave it all in the encore, starting with “System…”, which was accompanied by everyone’s voices like a poem and continuing with “…Meltdown” preparing us for the closure that was near, which lead to another highlight of the evening. Reynolds' solid vocals and their unbridled energy, with Clewlow literally playing the guitar while he was in the audience, was an awesome experience.

Aggeliki Papaioannou

photos by Dimitris Kokkinogenis


It has been a highly anticipated moment for me ever since the announcement of the third Diviner album, “Avaton”. My excitement doubled, when I discovered that the concert would be opened by none other than my other favorite, Sirius. The night unfolded in a truly divine manner, filled with intense heavy metal emotions and enthusiastic head banging. I extend my heartfelt thanks to both bands for graciously sharing insights into their music. Special appreciation goes to Lefteris Moros and Teo Ross for their illuminating discussions about “Avaton”.

Sirius set the evening in motion, delivering a powerful performance that featured songs from their debut EP, "Wings of Fire," as well as two tracks from their first, upcoming debut album, including the captivating "Beyond the Sands of Time" that stirred the audience. The rendition of Manowar's "Thor (The Powerhead)" and Thin Lizzy’s “Massacre” added an extra layer of excitement to the atmosphere.

Then, the moment arrived as Diviner took center stage. The band's members emerged with a commanding presence that instantly captured everyone's attention. The set list was nothing short of riveting, encompassing songs from their previous records, "Fallen Empires" and "Realms of Time", and of course, from the new album. "Mountains High" proved to be explosively superb, drawing the audience into its frenetic rhythm. The journey through "Dominator" was a visceral experience, with guitars ablaze, drumsticks breaking, and Yiannis Papanikolaou's vocals resonating deeply within our hearts. The sound quality was exceptional, with each instrument coming through with remarkable clarity.

The audience was not only excited but also clamoring for more, a testament to how Diviner had successfully driven us crazy. The night was a true celebration of heavy metal, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all in attendance.

Ira Bounia

photos by Panos Lambropoulos








Piraeus Academy Club played host to an evening of musical enchantment as three exceptional Greek bands, Mr. Trickster, Lupe and Jacks Full, took the stage. Myth of Rock had the pleasure of attending this memorable concert, where all bands showcased their prowess in the realms of sophisticated rock n’ roll, gothic/art rock and heavy/stoner rock/metal respectively, creating an monumental experience for the audience.

Mr. Trickster was the first band of this night’s program, which warmed up the audience with its weird dose of all-around rock. I didn’t catch their set from the beginning, but what I saw and heard was more than satisfying. It seems that this band has many things to tell, many things to offer. Let’s see what they hold for the future!

Mr. Trickster left the stage and Lupe, one of the best newcomer gothic/art rock bands, in my personal opinion, took the attendees on a captivating journey through ethereal, ambient soundscapes. Lupe manage to blend intricate instrumentals with soul-stirring vocals and for another time, they created an immersive experience, leaving the crowd spellbound. We listened to tracks from the forthcoming album of the band, “Seeker of Sound”, plus some older ones and a couple of unreleased tunes. Lupe have succeeded in finding the straits, where gothic rock and art/prog rock meet. Every time I witness a concert of Lupe, I feel I lose my mind, I feel shivers down my spine, I travel somewhere far away. With a majestic new album in their baggage, Lupe gave a mesmerizing show, proving that they have found the missing link between dark and light, black and white, gothic and rock. I believe in them, and this live show gave us another reason why. Heavenly music by Greece’s finest!    

Following the phenomenon of Lupe, the atmosphere shifted gears as Jacks Full, the Greek heavy/stoner metal powerhouse, took command of the stage. From the first riff, it was evident that the audience was in for a loud and groovy ride. Jacks Full brought a relentless energy to Piraeus Academy Club, with thunderous drumming, rough vocals, crushing guitar riffs and a heavy as hell bass! The crowd responded with headbanging enthusiasm, fully immersed in the sonic onslaught. This live show of Jacks Full was a first time experience for me, and a killer one, I must add! The power trio merges various nuances of the heavy rock sound, collecting elements from the 70s until the 00s – you will find hard rock, stoner rock, alternative rock, punk rock, heavy metal in their unique mixture of notes! Take into consideration that they covered Pink Floyd and Socrates and you may understand what they are trying to do! Jacks Full know how to rock and roll, and their concerts are a bloody sacrifice to the spirits of loud rock/metal music!     

What made this concert particularly special was the seamless transition from Mr. Trickster’s rock n’ roll to Lupe's gothic/art rock and Jacks Full's heavy/stoner metal. The contrast between genres created a dynamic atmosphere that kept the audience engaged … The Greek (heavy) rock scene is deep, full of talent, and breathes with concerts like this one. It was an unforgettable sonic apocalypse!

Dimitris Zacharopoulos


So, it was a beautiful, starry Saturday night, when we went to the Lazy Club for the presentation of George Gakis' new album, “Parallel Dimensions” – produced in The States by Kip Winger and released worldwide by Rock of Angels Records. We were very anxious to listen to the new songs, live and loud!

There was a super cozy and friendly atmosphere at the Club, as Gakis, accompanied by The Troublemakers, spoke before each song, explaining everything about it – how he was inspired, the song’s theme, something really helpful for the listener, who prepared for what was coming and heard the songs from the aspect of the composer … The new album by George Gakis talks about love, southern witch’s spell, the loss of his dear father (in the very moving ballad “My Daddy Said”), betrayal, anger, it talks about life itself. The album has very beautiful melodies, it is a pureblood mainstream hard rock album with bluesy sounds, without hesitating to show the more sentimental side of the famous singer. George wrote all the songs himself, as this album is mainly about his life and experiences, but it also touches on his concerns and seekings in life. He confided in us that the album’s title song (“Parallel Dimensions”) came up after long talks with his friend Joe Lynn Turner, who believes in the existence of such things – who knows, maybe they are real! … The order of the set list was deliberately different from the album track listing, as the artist wanted to climax the sound and to finish with the amazing hard rock song “Who Made You a Woman”. Gakis sang with true passion, heart and soul. The tone and depth of his voice gave you chills and simultaneously touched you, making you want more and more. The set was divided into two parts – the first one was about the new album, and after a short break, the second one started with two songs from his previous works, one of them being the Greek traditional song “Mi me Kitas” in a heavy rock rendition. Then, Gakis went on with covers of some of his favorite artists – Deep Purple, Chris Cornell, Bad Company and of course, Whitesnake!

It was a marvelous night, with the crowd cheering and dancing to the rock and roll rhythms. It was like jamming with a friend and celebrating all together the release of his new album! Well done, George – that’s exactly what we want to hear from you!

Iro Kalligeri

photos by Iro Kalligeri


The lights dimmed, the eager crowd gathered in Temple Athens and the stage was set for a night of thrash metal featuring three great Greek bands: Devil Rolling Dice, Released Anger and Flames. Each group brought its own unique flair to the stage, creating an atmosphere charged with energy and nostalgia.

The evening commenced with Devil Rolling Dice, hailing from Athens. The band's thrash, heavily influenced by both the raw power of the '80s and the technical brilliance of the '90s, showcased a masterful blend of styles. The vocal delivery, reminiscent of the legendary Angel Ripper, resonated through the venue with a tone that captivated the audience from the first note. A standout moment came with their powerful rendition of Sepultura's "Propaganda," a cover that left a lasting impression and set the tone for the night.

Next up was Released Anger, a seasoned presence in the Greek thrash scene. With years of experience under their belts, the band delivered a storm of old-school thrash that took us by force. The sound was not only great but incredibly tight and explosive, eliciting a moshpit frenzy in the depths of the crowd. This performance marked their return after a six-year hiatus, introducing a new singer who seamlessly blended with the band's established sound. The inclusion of fresh material added an exciting dimension to their set.

Closing the night was Flames, a historical force in the Greek metal scene. Their old-school sound, infused with '80s elements, echoed through the venue, evoking a sense of nostalgia and admiration. Despite a minor technical glitch, the band powered through, delivering a set that covered nearly their entire recording career. The stage presence was electrifying, and the energy emanating from Flames resonated with the audience, leaving an indelible mark on those fortunate enough to witness their performance.

In conclusion, the concert featuring Devil Rolling Dice, Released Anger and Flames was a triumphant celebration of Greek thrash metal. Each band brought its own distinctive style to the stage, creating a diverse and dynamic experience for the audience. The evening showcased not only the enduring talent of these iconic bands but also the vibrant and thriving Greek extreme metal scene!

Panos Lambropoulos